The path I would take if I had to do it all over again.

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when I first started learning computer science


Without a doubt. I believe CS50x is a great course for anybody who wishes to step into the magic that is computer science.

Taught by David. J Malan, a professor of computer science at Harvard, CS50x is a great course to introduce you to the basics of computer science.

In the course, you will learn about Arrays, Algothrims, Data structures. The most important part of the course isn’t even what’s taught by how it’s taught.

Professor Malan teaches the…

Must-know HTTP request types — understanding a key concept in working with APIs.

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If you aspire to be a full-stack developer you will run into HTTP requests sooner or later. HTTP requests are critical in understanding how an application communicates with the server. In this article, I will go give a brief overview of HTTP requests and 4 common types of HTTP requests.

What is HTTP Request?

Before we get into the 4 different types of HTTP requests we must first understand what an HTTP request is.

An HTTP request is a way to structure requests and responses over a given URL. …

Understanding what middleware is and why you need it

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If you wish to become a master in node.js and express it is critical that you understand the basics of middleware in the express. Without learning what middleware is, you are stunting your journey as a fluent Node.js and Express developer.

Understanding how Node.js Handles Requests

To understand middleware in express we must first understand how vanilla Node.js handles requests to the server.

In node.js requests to the server are handled by one function that handles all requests made to the server. Look at the code below taken from the node.js website:

Extensions that will make your life as a developer better.

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Chrome extensions can be the key to making your life easier as a developer. In this article, I'm going to share 7 extensions I feel will add real value to your life as a developer.

1) Fonts Ninja

This first Chrome extension is perfect if you like a font from a particular website but have no clue what it is.

This extension allows you to see all the fonts used on a website and provides some useful information in regards to font weight and font style.

There is also a built-in editor that…

Everything you need to know to build your first server in Express

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When I was first starting to learn Node.js and express it was very intimidating as all the tutorials I saw had me building medium to large scale applications. In this tutorial, we're gonna keep it simple and build a basic server that sends “Hello World!” when the server is started.

Project Setup

Before we start our journey as a Node.js developer. We must first do some initial project setup

All we need to do for this is initialize npm in our project and install express into our app. The code for this is shown below:

Note: the after allows…

Everything you need to know about Stacks.

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Understanding data structures is important for any developer, regardless of the stack. That is why in this article I'm going to go over one of these data structures. The Stack.

What is a Stack?

While I have gone over what a Stack is in my article 4 Data Structures every Developer should know. I’m gonna provide a quick refresher on the fundamental concepts.

A Stack is like a Queue but with one subtle difference. While a Queue follows the concept of first in first out (FIFO) the Stack follows the concept of last in first out( LIFO)!

How to make a Queue Data Structure using TypeScript

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No matter what type of developer you are, frontend or backend, it is important to have basic knowledge of the different types of data structures out there and their use cases. Today was going to be going over one of these said data structures. The Queue.

What is a Queue?

While I have gone over what a Queue is in my article 4 Data Structures every Developer should know I'm gonna provide a quick refresher on the fundamental concepts.

A Queue is a data structure that follows the principle of first in first out (FIFO)…

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When first learning to code, it is important to do it right. There are many bad habits to avoid that will stunt your growth as a software developer. In this article, I will go over 6 habits that you should avoid if you want to become a good software developer

1. Inconscient Studying

When it comes to learning to code, consistency is indeed key. I would argue that coding every day for 30 minutes is much more worthwhile than coding once for 8 hours on Saturday.

The main part of learning how to code is bringing all these separate ideas and concepts you…

The basics of template literals and why you should use them.

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If you ever had to interpolate values of strings in JavaScript, you have probably had to use syntax like this:

While this code works perfectly fine and will print the correct string to the console, there is a way for us to achieve this same result in a much cleaner fashion. This is possible by using template literals.

What is a Template Literal?

A template literal is an ES6 feature that offers developers a new way to declare strings in JavaScript. Instead of quotes or double quotes, you define template literals by using…

Learning web development doesn't have to be so stressful.

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Web development can sometimes be intimidating to get into. With all the resources out there, who's to know which ones are the best to get started with? In this article, I've provided 5 resources that will allow you to learn the basics of web development effectively.


freeCodeCamp is the number one resource I would recommend to anyone looking to get into web development. Their responsive web design certification teaches you the basics of everything you need to know to be a good web developer including Html tags, basic CSS, responsive CSS…

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