Learning web development doesn't have to be so stressful.

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Web development can sometimes be intimidating to get into. With all the resources out there, who's to know which ones are the best to get started with? In this article, I've provided 5 resources that will allow you to learn the basics of web development effectively.


freeCodeCamp is the number one resource I would recommend to anyone looking to get into web development. Their responsive web design certification teaches you the basics of everything you need to know to be a good web developer including Html tags, basic CSS, responsive CSS…

Open up the doors to further understanding of functions in JavaScript

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First off, let me make something clear. This article will have nothing to do with first-class seats on an airplane. Instead, today we're going over first-class functions in JavaScript, which is something that every Javascript Developer needs to know as it is fundamental in understanding other concepts such as callbacks and higher-order functions.

What are First-class functions?

First-class functions can be found in a multitude of languages like Python, Scala, Haskell, and of course, JavaScript. Essentially, first-class functions are functions that can be treated like any other variable. …

How to step up your animations using the GSAP Animation Library.

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Today we're going to be making a scroll-based animation using GSAP(Green Sock Animation Platform). Scroll-based animations can be a great way to add some flair to an otherwise boring site. As web developers, it is important we not only deliver an informative but also visually appealing website for our visitors.

The benefit of using GSAP is that it makes implementing scroll-based animations relatively easy. For this demo, I will be using CodePen but the concepts you learn today can be used anyway. …

Why you should be using the JavaScript ternary operator.

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As developers, we have undoubtedly run into if-else statements throughout our career. Kind of like the plague, if-else statements are something that just can’t be avoided in any projects of note. But what if I told you there is a way in JavaScript to condense your if-else statements into one line? Let me introduce you to the ternary operator!

What is a Ternary Operator?

A ternary operator, otherwise known as a conditional operator, is a JavaScript operator that is commonly used as a shortcut for if-else statements. A ternary operator is made up of three main…

How JavaScript Libraries can improve your code

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As Programmers, we have a bad habit of trying to reinvent the wheel. This comes in the form of spending hours upon hours of time trying to implement some feature into our code when there is already code out there that does the same feature but with better implementation and more efficiently. These features are usually put into libraries that come with documentation and APIs that make our job as developers easier. …

How using semantic tags can increase your code's readability

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After you finish this article I guarantee you will look at HTML tags in a whole new light. Early in my web development career, I thought I was gonna have to live with the almost mind-numbing number of div tags within my code. My code used to almost fit the google definition of Spaghetti code as it was unstructured and difficult to maintain.This is until I learned about HTML Semantic Tags

What are HTML Semantic Tags?

The word semantic is anything related to meaning. Following this definition, An HTML semantic element is an element with some…

How to make a cool old school effect using javascript

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Today I'm gonna show you how to create a typewriter effect like the one shown below.

Adding the HTML

The First step is to add the HTML markup which will only consist of a div with a class of wrapper surrounding an h1 element with some text. This wrapper class will allow us to the center using CSS in a bit.

A Guide to Centering a Div both vertically and horizontally using CSS

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A Common problem any web developer has most likely faced, especially early on in their career, is how to center a div using CSS. In this article, I will show you three different ways to center a Div element, both horizontally and vertically. We will be creating this simple centered div with the words “Centered Div” as shown below

Simple Shortcuts that can vastly improve your productivity

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There are many skills a developer must master. One of these skills is productivity. One of the easiest ways to be productive is to learn shortcuts in your editor of choice and I have compiled a list of shortcuts I believe every developer should know.

1. Shift+Crtl+Enter

Shift+Control+Enter is a shortcut that allows you to insert a new, empty line above the currently selected line.

Why you should start using Helper Classes when writing CSS

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When I first started learning CSS early in my web development career I realized something.

I was repeating code a lot.

And when I mean a lot, I mean a lot. The number of times I scrolled through my CSS code and realized I repeated certain properties multiple times with the same exact values is staggering. In some larger projects, I repeated properties upwards of almost 20 times. I thought this was just something I was gonna have to deal with throughout my enter web development career.

This is until…

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